Business Continuity

  • How confident are you in your business continuity plan?
  • If a server died and you had to restore your data, could you do it in under 60 minutes?
  • If files were accidentally deleted, can you restore them in a matter of minutes?
  • Can your data backup solution guarantee that you can continue your work in the event of failed hardware or remote access needs?
Choosing the right business continuity solution for your business can make the difference between being down for an extended period of time, resulting in potential lost revenue, or regaining connectivity in a short period of time while still being able to operate your business

Windows/Mac Domain Setup

Having a secure work environment goes past the need for current hardware. Secured access to your data is necessary for safeguarding your business from harmful players. By using a centralize authentication system, you can easily control who has access to your systems and data, and revoke permission(s) if needed.

HIPAA Compliance

Your client’s data is important to you, but also to them, especially if it contains PHI (Protected Health Information). If your systems contain data that falls under HIPAA regulations, you have a responsibility to keep that data safeguarded. Contact us to schedule an assessment to determine if you’re taking the appropriate steps to protect your client’s information.

Infrastructure Assessment

Whether you are planning the initial infrastructure of your business or scaling for growth, it is important to plan accordingly. Proper planning will allow you to scale with greater ease, provide planning for current and future budgets, and ensure you have the right equipment for the job. Our team can assess your current environment or plans and guide you in your decision-making process.

Cloud Migration

Buzz words aside, migrating data and critical systems to a remote storage environment (“the cloud”) allows you to control your resources, system security, privacy, and system continuity in the event that a disaster recovery scenario arises, allowing you to deliver results that your clients can count on.

Website Design

Work with our team to design your website so that it encompasses your vision and provides your clients with all the critical information needed for them to know that you are the vendor they are looking for.

Support Center Infrastructure

Our team has worked with small and medium sized businesses to create as well as overhaul their existing Support Centers. We provide all aspects of a Support Center setup, from the ticketing system to call management.


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